Activities near Porto-Vecchio, not far from Bonifacio

Corsica is gorgeous but its beauty resides more in the mind of the one who knows what to see...

And for a foretaste of this journey of the senses, here are some of the entertainments that will be offered to you in the region of Porto – Vecchio and Bonifacio, sea and mountain side.

Sperone Golf

A renowned golf course and rated “most beautiful site in France”

A course to be classified in the “unforgettable”. A dialogue between golf and nature.

Located 6 km from the port of Bonifacio on the Pertusato – Piantarella road...

Green fee access to the course

Players from around the world come to tread the fairways nestled in the lush Bonifacio locality, bordering the Mediterranean sea on its south-east façade.

Tel.: (33)

Site: http://www.sperone.com


Boat rentals. To complement your holiday in Corsica, Corsil Bateaux rents boats of sizes between 5 and 7.3 meters that can accommodate between 5 and 7 people.

You will find a wide selection of White Shark, Bombard, Beneteau.

Tel.: (33)

Site: http://www.corsil.com/


A divers paradise: the “Cerbicale” islands nature reserve

Snorkelling, children or adult initiation. Initial training with international recognition in three dives. Exploration dives in a nature reserve for all levels.

In a family atmosphere and in full safety. We are the only ones to offer you at least one deep dive per week.

Tel.: (33)

Site: http://www.subtortue.net/

Ospedale adventure park

Adventure park, canyoning, hiking, extreme activities for lovers of thrills supervised by a team of professionals between PORTO VECCHIO and ZONZA forest of Ospedale

Tel.: (33)

San Antonio Cruise

Boat trips every day, Christine and Jacky welcome you aboard the Maria Serena.

Tel.: (33)

Corsica moutain quad

Enjoy Corsica as it must be, on a quad bike.

Located in the Ospedale mountain, just a few minutes from the beach, the property offers you the opportunity to safely combine the pleasures of the mountain and the sea.

Mountain and shrub land, turquoise blue sea... come and spend unforgettable moments in paradise!

Discover the beautiful landscapes of the Corsican mountains. The wonderful natural sites in the south of the island are very famous.

You also have the option for accommodation and traditional meals at the cottage. Enjoy the best of Corsican dishes at Le Refuge located inside the regional natural park.

Tel.: (33)

The Oso Stable

Open all year

French horse riding school, bush walk for beginners and experts, walk on the beach and horse swimming, training during school holidays, pension box for horse.

Booking on site

Tel.: (33)
Ouvert toute l'année
Le Complexe Galaxy à Lecci
4000 mètres carrés d'espace cinéma et loisirs pour tous à 1km de l'hôtel.
Il comprend un Cinéma, un Bowling, un Laser Game, un Restaurant, ainsi qu'un parc à jeu.
Téléphone: 04 95 50 17 55
Site: https://www.complexe-galaxy.com
Shopping de nuit à Saint-Cyprien tous les vendredis soirs de l'été
Laissez-vous tenter par les stands artisanaux en grande majorité situés dans la rue commerçante du village marin de Saint-Cyprien (à 5 km de l'hôtel). Avec sa trentaine d'exposants, ce rendez-vous se complète d'animations musicales.
Les mardis de Torraccia

Le domaine viticole prend vie la nuit aussi avec une série d’événements musicaux organisés en partenariat avec l’Office du tourisme de Lecci tout l'été. Rejoignez-nous à la cave ou dans les vignes pour profiter de notre programmation estivale !
Entrée gratuite. Vin & grignotages proposés sur place (payant).